These Tragic Commercials Starring Your Favorite Singers Are Very Tough To Watch


Of course you love listening to music from your favorite singer, but do you love watching them struggle-acting in lame commercials? If you answer is “no,” then we’re peas of a pod because neither do I.

Singers of every genre have decided to take the step into the TV ad game. While some have succeeded, far more have failed. Epically. Let’s take a look at the awkward moments when these musicians straight up bombed on the mini screen.

  • Mariah Carey for Game of War

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    That’s OK, Mariah. We don’t want to play. Game over.

  • Mary J. Blige for Burger King

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    We love food too…but damn.

  • Ringo Starr for Pizza Hut

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    This is the first pizza commercial that made us NOT want to eat any.

  • James Brown for Miso Soup

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    Nobody loves soup that much. Please relax, James.

  • Katy Perry for Pop Chips

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    Cats, cat-muppets and wigs…it’s just too much. Why was this ad all over the place?

  • Justin Timberlake for McDonalds

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    Sure, this was supposed to be a cool music video that doubled as a commercial. But all of this for just for McDonalds? Lame. We still love you though, JT!

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