It’s Time For The Couples To Choose Their Bedrooms In This Couples Therapy Bonus Clip!

And who got the best room was...

Couples Therapy is back and the couples are ready to make this place their new home sweet home!

In this week’s bonus clip, resident counselor Sarah Novia announces it’s time for the couples to choose their rooms. There are enough bedrooms for everybody, but who gets to pick first? Jaclyn Stapp only cares about the closet, Carmen Carrera doesn’t deny she loves luxury, and Janice Dickinson really wants the Tempur-Pedic mattress… While the ladies get their priorities straight, Scott Stapp suggests to pick numbers out of a hat, but for Rocky Gerner this is “just like dealing with 6-year-olds!”

Did Janice find her perfect mattress? Find out on an all new Couples Therapy next Wednesday at 10/9c!