Kaylin Garcia Joins Rocky In The Hot Tub To Vent About Her Issues With Joe Budden In This Couples Therapy Bonus Clip!

Because everybody got problems...

Kaylin Garcia’s relationship with Joe Budden is so messed up that she couldn’t even wait for a session with Dr. Jenn to vent on this week’s Couples Therapy.

Rocky Gerner was just enjoying his Starbucks in the hot tub when Kaylin joins him to talk about her complicated relationship with Joe. Kaylin reveals that when Joe was on Love & Hip Hop, no one knew she was his girlfriend, they just thought of her as a side chick. Kaylin is tired of being on and off with Joe, but is excited because it’s her turn to tell her side of the story, “I’m not scared because I’m an open book!” And if you’re worried that Janice might be jealous that Kaylin is getting deep with Rocky in the hot tub, don’t be, she’s all for it.

Can Dr. Jenn help Kaylin? Find out on an all new Couples Therapy next Wednesday at 10/9c!