QUIZ: Which Hillary Clinton Pantsuit Are You?

Are you more of a fiery red or business black kinda Hillary?

While America may be starting to #FeeltheBurn, Hillary Clinton still stands as the Democratic frontrunner for president. After serving as Secretary of State, First Lady, a United States Senator, and all around bamf, Hillary Clinton has broken ceilings and barriers for women everywhere. It would be sexist to belittle the presidential candidate to solely her wardrobe, though as a self-identified pantsuit aficionado, Clinton fights her way out of being put into that box by others.

Even though she’s been rocking pantsuits substantially less often this time than in 2008, it’s now time to decipher which pantsuit is our true spirit animal. Hillary has worn an entire rainbow of pantsuits and they all represent very different parts of her psyche. So let’s all take a minute to get into character (Aka start ignoring the press and using the word “champion” a lot) and truly discover which incarnation of Hillary Clinton lies within us.

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