You Don’t Have to Be a Mom to Appreciate Jessie James Decker’s Intimate Breastfeeding Photo

You go, girl.

Jessie James Decker is our fave. The super talented country star is unapologetic and real as hell, which is why we could all benefit from taking a page or two out of her book. Jessie and her NFL hubby Eric Decker welcomed their new son Eric just weeks ago, and Jessie is giving us a peek of motherhood bliss via Instagram. But of course, the hating ensues, because why wouldn’t it?

First, Jessie posted this photo of herself breastfeeding her newborn:

Love being a mommy and feeding my sweet boy ❤️

A photo posted by Jessie James Decker (@jessiejamesdecker) on

And hours later followed up by posting her original photo with the caption: “Here’s the shot I took before but thought was maybe too visual. Now I don’t care. Enjoy #normalizebreastfeeding,” because why the hell not?

I’m not even a mom, but I feel inspired by Jessie’s bold statement. No woman should have to hide what the realities and naturalness of life looks like. Especially something as beautiful as motherhood. Thank you for putting this out there, Jessie. Bitches gotta know what’s up in the real world.

Watch Jessie play celebrity matchmaker in the video below.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.