Bonus Clip: Moniece Shows Rich The House She Picked For Them…But He Hates It And Goes AWF

"You're wrong for doing this, you're wrong for putting me under pressure like this."

Moniece has finally convinced Rich Dollaz to move in together, but he is taking baby steps toward their new apartment.

On this week’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood bonus clip, Moniece drives Rich Dollaz to the L.A. suburbs and, surprise! “THIS IS A HOUSE!” Richie D can’t believe this is not the one-bedroom room in downtown L.A. he was expecting, this is “a crib with multiple rooms!” Moniece explains, “I want to have a blended family eventually!” but that’s way too much pressure for Richie D and tells her “You’re wrong for doing this, you’re wrong for putting me under pressure like this.” He wins this time and Moniece gives up her home sweet home for two bedrooms in a high-rise in Los Angeles! The things we do for love.

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