Kathie Says Ceaser Is “Mad Desperate for a Season Four” and Is Concerned for O’Sh*t

"The full truth will be too much for y'all to handle."

Kathie is not here for Ceaser’s behavior on the season finale of Black Ink Crew. O’Sh*t’s former GF took to Instagram to post some pointed Tweets at the Blank Ink owner and his choice to show a sex tape of her son’s father on national TV.
Editorializing her post, Kathie wrote,

A trap was set I fell for it because I was too intoxicated. My sons father is going to die from an STD. I love him enough to care for his life, just sad he doesn’t give any fucks. Playing a sex tape at a party, now that’s a real bitch move. Sorry, not sorry for going hard for people I care for. Productions did an amazing job with the editing. The full truth will be too much for yall to handle. Judge and critique away! #blackinkcrew

Do you think Ceaser played Kathie? Do you think Kathie’s still in love with O’Sh*t? Sound off in the comments!