Bonus Clip: Teddy Leans on Ex-Girlfriend Sky Before He Meets His Estranged Father

"He didn't help raise you to be the man you are today..."

Teddy came face to face with his estranged father in the Black Ink Crew season finale and now we get to see the moment before when he leaned on an unexpected friend.

In a bonus clip, Teddy invites ex-boo Sky over for a little pep talk as he picks out the perfect sneakers to re-meet his pops in. Sky says she really cares about Teddy in spite of their romantic relationship falling apart and that his father “missed out” and didn’t help “raise him to be the man” he is today.

We love that Sky and Teddy can be so mature and be there for each other as friends. What do you think of their friendship? Don’t miss more of these two on the Black Ink Crew reunion, Monday at 9/8c!