Tiffany “New York” Pollard Reacts to Season Four of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

The HBIC is here to educate the Love & Hip Hop generation!

This season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was cray. We decided in preperation for the bound-to-be-explosive reunion, we should consult the queen of reality TV for her reactions to some of the most dramatic story lines from season four.

Tiffany “New York” Pollard is in the motherf—ing house and we are LOLing imagining her advise the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta about how to handle their ish.

  1. When Rasheeda found out Kirk had a secret “office” AKA apartment

  2. When Nikko told Mimi he was going to take 25% of whatever she earned for her books

  3. When Scrappy couldn’t come to an agreement with Erica on child support payments

  4. When Deb got mad that Kalenna asked her questions about who she managed

  5. When Ashley told Rasheeda she was an old head

  6. When Yung Joc brought Khadiyah to meet all his baby mothers

  7. When Joseline performed “Stingy with my Kutty Kat” and we were like damn, this is catchy

  8. When Tammy showed up at Kalenna’s club and said she was broke

  9. When Kirk went to the hotel with Ashley and didn’t let Rasheeda know she’s gay

  10. When Joseline found out Stevie was working Mimi and her “artists”

  11. When Erica and Rasheeda walked in on Ashley and saw her girlfriend

  12. When Tony brought up Kalenna’s depression in front of Rasheeda

  13. When Joseline told Tiffany Foxx she drank from “fountain of Dime”

  14. When Mimi was talking behind Jessica Dime’s back

  15. When Rasheeda and Kirk tried to make Bambi’s music video into drama for Scrappy

  16. When Karlie and Sia set KD up and kept calling her fat

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  17. When Nikko asked Margeaux if they were going to work on their relationship

  18. When Mimi went in on Jessica after her performance with Margeaux

  19. When Karlie told Joseline she doesn’t have any friends

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  20. But when Joseline told Karlie she was the messiest…

We are grateful we can pull from the sage wisdom of Tiffany. Thank you, New York!

K, boo, we gotchoo. Don’t miss the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Monday at 8/7c!