Did Hazel Get In An Accident To Get A Nose Job? Masika Thinks So

The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood costars get into it on Instagram.

According to reports, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Hazel E was in an accident this weekend in Dubai. While riding ATVs with friends, the rapper hit a bump that resulted in an accident causing injury to her nose and a black eye.

Hazel posted an Instagram about the accident on Instagram:

Fans, trolls, haters, and even Love & Hip Hop costar Masika Kalysha dragged Hazel, claiming the accident was a publicity stunt so that she could have a nose job. Kalysha commented on The Shade Room’s Instagram, “B—hes love ’I was in an accident surgery.’ Gone get that beak hacked in half snuffaluffagus we been waiting girl. We ain’t mad.”

We don’t see why Hazel would lie about a nose job. She even got work done on her nose on the show with Masika when they were still cool! Smh.
Hazel had no problem clapping back at the haters saying, “This would be the worst publicity stunt to get a nose job ever, I damn near wish it was, I wouldn’t have had to deal with blood spewing from inside and outside of my nose & almost choking in it, not to mention the head trauma from #nosediving into the bike…All in hot desert 105 degree heat #God has a plan I’m just going with it, I’m home & get to see a top surgeon in the morning!”
Hazel gave an update post surgery, “#fresh out of surgery … He was able to save most of my nose & close the scar…i lost my phone so I can’t respond but I’m in aftercare & get to go home in 24hrs. Yayyyy my face is gonna be better than ever soon! Thank you Dr.Garth Fischer [sic], my mom, my [cat emoji], my assistant @dezoun @kymmscreations @hairandmakeupkf & auntie Dee! Yall helped save me!”

[Fun Fact: Hazel’s surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher is ex-husband to Hollywood Exes star Jessica Canseco so Hazel’s keeping it in the VH1 fam!]

We are wishing our homegirl a speedy recovery. We love you, Hazel! What do you think of Hazel’s accident? Think it was just a ploy to get a nose job? Is Masika so wrong? Or right?