Whoa. WHOA. Quani Just Accused Dutchess of Sleeping With O’Sh*t and Faking Her Miscarriage

"She f---ed mad people in Black Ink. She f---ed O'Sh*t as soon as she got to the shop!"

The Black Ink Crew reunion is going to be INSANE if this sneak peek is any indication. Puma and Quani refused to be seated with the rest of the cast, so when it was time for them to be interviewed at a spot down the block from Black Ink, they went IN on Cease and Dutchess, and Quani alleged that Dutchess slept with all of Ceaser’s friends before finally ending up with Cease. She also took another low blow by adding that she thinks Dutchess faked her miscarriage. That’s when Dutch, in full evening attire, decided to go over to Puma and Quani to give them a piece of her mind. This is serious, intense stuff.

Tune in to the Black Ink Crew reunion this Monday at 9/8c.