You May Know Him From Day 26, But Willie Taylor the Solo Artist Has a Sexier, More Grown Up Sound

Willie Taylor's sound has matured from boy band to bedroom boomer.

Thus far on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Willie Taylor has shown us that he is committed to his music career and is willing to uproot his family to succeed as a solo artist. Willie has been working on making a name for himself as a solo artists since leaving his previous group, Day 26, which was made famous on the MTV series Making The Band. Day 26, he tells VH1, “was a brotherhood,” one that he still cherishes, but as a solo artist he’s focusing on being a “bedroom boomer” whose strength is sexy hits. Even though he appears to be going through some issues, both personal and professional, on the show, he explains that his is “a name that should be reckoned with in music. Period.”

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