Lemmy Didn’t Know Motorhead Were Getting Into The Sex Toy Business

"The sex toy thing was a surprise, but it seems to be working out."

We have to admit, we were a little surprised when Motorhead announced that they were releasing a line of sex toys. Not exactly shocked, but we didn’t see it coming. And we weren’t the only ones who felt that way. Apparently Lemmy himself didn’t even know it was happening!

During an interview with Uproxx, the indestructible frontman admitted that he wasn’t aware of the new merchandise until it was a done deal. “They do a deal with our manager, then he tells us and it’s too late to change it,” he said. “The sex toy thing was a surprise, but it seems to be working out.” Surprisingly, he says he hasn’t heard much feed back from his fans—yet. “I’m sure I’ll get some, though,” he laughed.

While he was hands-off with the sex toys, Lemmy admits that he was pretty active in the band’s new line of whiskey. Admittedly, he’s been scaling back his brown liquor intake in recent years, switching up his famous Jack and Coke with vodka and orange juice (health!). But he did taste test their new brand. “I chose it out of five they brought us. We still need whisky for the crew, and they like it. A lot.”

VH1 Music Editor + Seltzer Enthusiast