Adrian Torres Gets Stuck In The Middle Of An Awkward Moment Between Joe and Kaylin In This Couples Therapy Bonus Clip

Can someone call Dr. Jenn to intervene?

On this week’s Couples Therapy, Adrian Torres gets caught in between Joe Budden and Kaylin Garcia.

While Adrian was opening up to Joe about his infidelity and trust issues with Carmen Carrera, Joe takes advantage of the conversation to assure Kaylin that he has never cheated on her. Because Kaylin doesn’t trust Joe at all, she says she doesn’t even know if that’s accurate, but Joe insists, “She has been betrayed, she hasn’t been cheated on!” In the end, Adrian interrupts the couple to say he sees a big distance between the two, but adds, “Hopefully, by the end of the session, you guys get that connection.” One can only hope!

Will Kaylin ever trust Joe? Find out on an all new Couples Therapy next Wednesday at 10/9c.