Your Heart Will Explode When You Hear How Much Ariana Grande Loves Rescuing Homeless Puppies

Yes, she loves them even more than her cat ears.

Everyone loves puppies, but Ariana Grande definitely has you beat. Just scroll through her instagram and you’ll see what we mean. But now she’s taking that puppy passion to another level by working with rescue organizations like BarkBox and the Humane Society to place stray dogs in good homes.

“Dogs are the most harmless, sweetest babes in the world. They show nothing but unconditional love, so they deserve that in return,” she said in a recent interview with Billboard. That’s probably the most Ariana-like statement we’ve ever read, but then she dropped some harsh truth bombs. “According to the ASPCA, 1.2 million dogs and 1.4 million cats are euthanized every year, and 80 percent of them are healthy! The thought of a sweet, loving angel going without a home or being killed simply because there’s no one who will come and claim him is heartbreaking.”

Ari’s Honeymoon tour features “puppy trucks” that come to each venue, filled with dogs that are in need of a home. Concert-goers are encouraged to meet these pups, and potentially even adopt them. “I love my dogs and I love my fans as if they were family, so introducing the two and knowing that I helped some of my fans to have a new, unconditionally loving friend in their life makes me very happy.”

If your heart hasn’t exploded yet, these pics of the pop star posing with her furry friends will probably do the trick.

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