Sina Shuts Down Khadiyah’s “Classy Shade” Right Quick and Tells Her To “Take Several Seats”

"Put the blue pill down honey cause you are extremely clueless and living in a fake fantasy."

Update on the Yung Joc BET Hip Hop Awards drama! We first reported that Joc was pictured with his other set of twins’ mother Carla at the annual awards night.

Then Khadiyah gave VH1 a statement, dismissing Carla’s attendance with, “The baby mamas get a chance when I can’t make it. I knew she was going, but understand she was the backup plan.”

Well, now, Sina (the mother of Joc’s other set of twins) is showing Carla some love and shutting down KD as “extremely clueless.”
Posting KD’s statement on Instagram, Sina wrote,

Lord let us pray. This chick KD is still CLEARLY in the MATRIX behind her business deal of a relationship with Yung Joc… Telling @VH1 all this bullshit,!! Really!!!! Put the blue pill down honey cause you are extremely clueless and living in a fake fantasy (that u pay for by the way)…. Carla looked beautiful at the awards (HATER) and we all spend time with him because HE wants us too not because YOU ALLOWED IT! I see that You still don’t get it that you were the limited time sugar mama for Joc and that it was just your TURN sweetie… Don’t get yourself all hyped up…. He used your ass up and now your mad and trying to take shots at the Mothers of his children by calling us “understudies” and “back up plans” child please, you ain’t his wife boo, you are equally the back up plan to Joc’s continued shenanigans and all this because, ironically we will FOREVER be a part of his life, unlike the wannabe baby mama number 5 faking pregnancy ass chick that you are… KD have several seats and don’t come for any of us homegirl…. Just accept it that you were in ROTATION just like all the rest and Joc is gonna be Joc.. So fall in line BOO BOO and keep giving up them checks to POSSIBLY stay around orrrrrrrr fall back, cause beefing with us or trying to throw fake klassy shade gets you no where and makes you look super lame…. Heeeyyyy KD!!!

What do you think in the KD vs. Carla and Sina battle?