Tiny Harris Made Her Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Debut To Tell Brandi She’s a Nag

"In Max's defense...you WILL do some extra s---t."

A good friend will always keep it real with you, and when Family Hustle star Tiny Harris made her first-ever appearance on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, that’s exactly what she did with her girl Brandi. After Brandi explained that her husband, Max Lux, was up in the studio with a bunch of “Beckys” and he tossed his wedding ring into the bushes after a fight, Tiny was shaking her head in disbelief. But then she pointed out that Brandi can be a lil’ bit crazy herself. “In Max’s defense…you will do some extra s—t that’s not necessary. You can nag sometimes, you can’t just point the finger.” And that kind of honestly makes Brandi realize maybe she’s a little bit at fault for Max going off.

Before she leaves though, Tiny reminds Brandi that even though she can nag, she’s “still a boss.” Obvs.