Ridiculously Random Moments From Snoop Dogg’s Career That Had Us Scratching Our Heads And Screaming “Why!?”

He stays busy.

Say whatever you want about him, but Snoop Dogg is always on his grind. He’s constantly diving into different sets of projects that keeps us saying, “Wow, this dude is everywhere.”

Over the years, Snoop has accomplished a lot by never allowing himself to stay in one box. That’s right, folks. Ya boy is versatile as hell–though not always for the best.

Here’s a look at some of the most random things he’s done during his time in the limelight.

  1. Starring In This Weird Hot Pockets Commercial

    Embedded from player.vimeo.com.

    Kate Upton & Snoop Dogg – You Got What I Eat (Hot Pockets Music Video) from Tallgrass Pictures LLC on Vimeo.

    What was he thinking? There’s nothing hot about this ad, Snoop. Never do this again.

  2. Creating His Very Own Podcast Called “GGN” (Double G News)

    Embedded from www.youtube.com.

    His show is actually pretty hilarious. While smoking (obviously), Snoop gives you life as he and a special guest talk about the latest pop culture news.

  3. Creating A Website For All Weed Lovers Called “Merry Jane”

    Are you about that pot life? Then merryjane.com is for you. Launching this month, Snoop wants it to be “the encyclopedia to the cannabis world,” he told Forbes. “We’d be a better world if everyone comes out of the closet and admits they like to smoke,” he added. “My name is Snoop Dogg, and I’m a stoner.”

  4. Calling Himself DJ Snoopadelic When DJing Parties In Ibiza, Spain

    We can’t with these random names. Guest DJing in Ibiza a couple of months ago, Snoop was apart of a house and techno lineup and wanted to be known by this name. Can we ask, why???

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