Milan’s Coming Out Story is a Lesson To Anyone Waiting To Share Their Truth: It’s Now Or Never

This is the reason Milan's story is so important.

“When I first came out, the first person I told was my little brother,” Milan told backstage at the taping of LHH: Out In Hip Hop. Milan was incredibly young, just 13 or 14 as he remembers it, and his brother was 9, he’s so glad he was able to get it off his chest because four years later, his brother passed away. “After he passed away, I felt like nothing else mattered. I needed to just be myself and be me and that was it. From that day on, I just…was Milan, 100%.” Milan explains that the rest of his family always had an idea that he was different and they were very accepting, but it meant the most that he was able to tell the one person he was closest to when he had the chance. For more stories like Milan’s check out