It Was Sexy When Erica and Cyn Did It: Miles Is Annoyed At the Gay Double Standard

"Two women? Perfect. Two men? It's a big uproar."

Lest anyone forget, Miles and Milan are not the first gay couple to appear on Love & Hip Hop. Erica and Cyn were an item, and Ariane introduced her girlfriend Toni to us this past season too. And we could never forget when Rasheeda busted in on Kirk’s artist, Ashley, in the hotel room with her girlfriend. The one big difference between these relationships though, is that they were all women. We spoke to Miles at the Out In Hip Hop special and got his take on why it’s so frustrating that no one had an issue with two women kissing, but when it was two men, people went crazy. “It’s totally annoying, you know, Erica and Cyn, they went through and entire season and they were the sexiest things walking, you know everybody loved them, everybody praised them, and it was fine,” he tells us. “But the second you get me and Milan on one episode kissing, it’s this huge uproar…It’s such a double standard.”