This Brokenhearted Girl Singing Fetty Wap’s “679” To Her Dead Goldfish Is Too Much For Words

R.I.P Nemo.

Losing a pet is heartbreaking–just ask this little girl who lost her goldfish, Nemo.

Painfully saying goodbye to her BFF, she decided to sing his favorite song. What song is that, you ask? Well, it’s none other than Fetty Wap’s club-banger “679.” Her supportive sister–who was bluntly told to stop singing her gospel song and sing this instead– also joined in.

As sad as this video is, we’re guilty of giggling when we saw it. Hear us out before throwing tomatoes, though!

Seeing the little girl mourn her fish is definitely upsetting. But, the fact that she’s singing this song instead of another “goodbye-themed” track is a bit comical.

Nonetheless, R.I.P Nemo. You will definitely be missed. Turn up in fish heaven for us.

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