Nas and Nikki Relive The Infamous Fountain Of Vomit On Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Check Yourself

"Throwing up is not cute."

It’s the splash heard round the world — the moment Nas couldn’t keep her vomit in check and she let it all out during a fight with Nikki. And in this week’s episode of Check Yourself, Nas and Nikki provide their commentary to what might be the grossest fight ever on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

As she watches the moment back, Nikki is almost unfazed (hello, didn’t Nas fling some of the vomit in her direction? How could she not be more grossed out??) “Obviously I must’ve hit a button or something that made you feel so nervous,” she says, “that your ass tried to throw a drink at me, missed, and then started vomiting all over the floor.”