Nas Explained Why She Barfed and Beefs with Miss Nikki Baby on Instagram

"I did not throw my throw up at her, it was my drink."

Nas nearly broke the internet when she went and puked on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood last night during a fight with Miss Nikki Baby. Soulja Boy’s on-again, off-again side lady took to Instagram to defend what happened (but don’t worry Nikki showed up in the comments with her own opinion).
“Yes, I threw up but let’s be clear, I wasn’t feeling well that day I filmed but I had a job to do. I did not throw my throw up at her, it was my drink. Put yourself in my shoes: going to work, not feeling well with cameras in your face and arguing with someone that you didn’t know you had a problem and see how you react. Although, I don’t have to explain myself to you simple-minded people, that sit behind your face and computers all day attacking people you don’t know. I just want to clear that up, so think what you want but I can’t help being sick so get over it.”

Later, after The Shade Room posted Nas’ response, Nikki took to the comments to add her own opinion.
And then in a now deleted post, Nas had some things to say about Nikki (and her leaked sex tape.)
What do you think of these two fighting over puke on the floor? Find out what goes down on all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Monday at 8/7c!