Definitive Proof Cynthia From Rugrats’ Face Perfectly Captures Every Life Situation

Seriously, what an icon.

If you poll your friends about their favorite Rugrats characters, I guarantee many won’t say Cynthia, Angelica’s doll with perfect resting bitch face (RBF). And this is a travesty, because Cynthia is—hands down—the best part of Rugrats. Stop looking at me like I’m crazy.

Cynthia is a low-key shade queen. Any time the babies or Angelica do something ridiculous, she just looks at them with lifeless but incredibly telling eyes. She’s silently judging them. In fact, she’s silently judging all of us.

Her RBF is so universal that it captures any situation life throws at you. Don’t believe us? Here are 15 prime examples of when Cynthia was you as hell.

  • When you see a couple kiss in the middle of McDonald’s.

  • When your boss asks you to come in on Saturday.

  • When a homeless man harasses you.

  • When you’re hungover and Denny’s is out of bacon.

  • When your roommate asks if you want to go to the gym.

  • When all you want is a Taco Bell Doritos Cheesy Gordita Crunch Box but the line goes out to the road.

  • When your professor cancels class, but you don’t read the email and show up anyway.

  • When all the washing machines at the laundromat are taken.

  • When you’re surrounded by screaming kids at the movie theater.

  • When you finish an entire series on Netflix in one sitting.

  • When your hookup wants to spend the night.

  • When your grandparents ask if you’re seeing anyone.

  • When you have to start paying student loans.

  • When your one night stand wants to get breakfast.

  • When someone insults Britney Spears.