I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Dutchess Goes Into Attack Mode At The Black Ink Crew Reunion

"She f***ed O'S**t as soon as she got to the shop and she faked her f***in' miscarriage! I'm not holding my tongue no more!" - Quani

The Black Ink Crew reunion was unlike any VH1 reunion we have ever seen. Filmed in the tattoo shop in the midst of a party with Harlem locals, the cast was brought together to relive three seasons of drama and the emotions were raw. With Puma and Quani unwilling to step foot back in Black Ink, their segments were filmed in the restaurant next door.

During their first interview segment with host Darian “Big Tigger” Morgan, Puma and Quani held nothing back. Annoyed with what they were saying, Dutchess made an attempt to confront the couple next door. Held back by security, Dutchess was forced to return back to the shop.

Once things settled down, Quani continued to make strong allegations against Dutchess claiming that she slept with O’S**t and faked her miscarriage. As a result, an enraged Dutchess tried once again to settle the score. Feeling unsafe and threatened, Puma and Quani decided to leave the reunion taping while back at the shop, Ceaser was disgusted with Dutchess’ attitude.

Earlier in the show Big Tigger said that Puma, Quani, Ceaser, and Dutchess would have the opportunity to talk face-to-face and possibly resolve their issues. But with everything that went down, a future reconciliation appears to be nowhere in sight.

Did Dutchess overreact? Should Puma and Quani have left? How can these two couples find a resolution? Rewatch the Black Ink Crew reunion chaos above and share your thoughts/comments below.