Here’s What Thackery Binx from Hocus Pocus Looks Like Now

As you continue the internal debate of whether his name was Zachary or Thackery...

Thackery Binx-not Zachary Binx, and not Zachary Binx accidentally pronounced with a lisp-is possibly the most underrated character of the beloved Hocus Pocus. He put his ass on the line to save his sister and was turned into a cat for crying out loud. The other stars of the movie had all 96 minutes for their glorious time to shine, meanwhile Sean Murray, who played Thackery, had maybe five minutes before his character was made solely into a voice-over that Sean didn’t even do.

Honestly, how dare you forget.


It ain’t right.

The Gloss

Luckily, 37-old-year Thackery in-real-life is making moves on NCIS and is still sort of kickin’ on the ’gram. Here he is now.

  • And his profile pic for good measure.

  • Here he is in the woods (on the left).


    His natural habitat.

  • Hasn’t aged


Once a low-key AF angle, always a low-key AF angel.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.