Jay Z Recalls Murking Busta Rhymes In A Rap Battle In Their High School Cafeteria On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Of course Hov won.

Stopping through Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jay Z wasn’t shy about discussing Tidal, Brooklyn and rapping in his younger years before fame.

Jimmy even surprised Hov when he played an old clip of him rapping on TV for the very first time. “That was very embarrassing–the haircut, the shirt,” Jay said jokingly.

One story that really gave everybody in the audience life, was when Jay talked about battle rapping Busta Rhymes in school. For those of you that don’t know, Jay and Busta went to high school together, along with Biggie Smalls and DMX.

So, Jay went on to talk about that epic moment of freestyling with him in their school’s cafeteria–and killing him. Watch that go down below.

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