Twitter Isn’t Here For Soulja Boy Doing Teddy Riley’s Daughter So Wrong

"Sis, your dad is Teddy Riley. You're the heir to the New Jack Swing throne!"

Music legend and Blackstreet founder Teddy Riley is pops to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood starlet Nia Riley and that has a lot, a lot of people feeling some sort of way. This season as Nia experiences the ups and downs of her on-again, off-again relationship with Soulja Boy and her former friend turned Soulja’s sidechick Nas, people want to know why, why is Nia dealing with this kind of treatment.

No one is safe from Twitter and the Teddy Riley stans want Nia to know that she’s “heir to the New Jack Swing throne” and part of a music legacy.

People know that Nia can’t be dealing with Soulja for his money when her rather is a multimillionaire.

And frankly, social media is ready for Teddy to put some paws on Soulja Boy.

What do you think of the support behind Teddy? Do you think he’s going to put Soulja in place? Find out when Teddy pops up on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Monday at 8/7c!