Amber Speaks Out on Instagram About Coming to Terms with Her Relationship with Miles

"My heart is in a blender with no chill..."

Amber and Miles’s relationship exploded on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood when Miles came out to his ex-GF and now the singer-rapper has broken her silence regarding the matter on her Instagram.
Posting a selfie, looking beautiful, Amber wrote,
“Good morning Beautiful people just want to reach out to everyone who felt the pain I experienced that day. my heart is in a blender with no chill, I’ve asked myself over and over again was it something I did? Did I love him to much? Was I to solid? Or was it just a crime for being loyal and loving someone so dam Hard?Clearly the answers to all the above are NO! I’ve done absolutely nothing but be a woman who was comfortable in her skin a great person a great mother a loyal friend and a true believer of what was told to me we are all human and sometimes things never play out the way you think they should but what I do want to say is I’m a very intelligent woman and know what’s right from wrong I wish no harm or negativity on either party’s long lasting love but you will forever hear me speaking blessing over mine not to mention how amazing it feels to have such supportive people on my side I can honestly say you all have helped me through so much of this and I thank you so much God bless you all”

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