Bonus Clip: Janice Apologizes To Jaclyn For Being “Too Abrasive,” But Jaclyn Doesn’t Buy It

Maybe Janice needs to try just a little bit harder.

Jaclyn Stapp and Janice Dickinson aren’t on good terms on this week’s Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn.

Just when Jaclyn finally stood up for herself, Janice ripped her apart, but she must feel bad because in this bonus clip, Janice apologizes for being too abrasive. After their argument, Janice admits she was going nuts and it wasn’t about Jaclyn, “I’m really sorry, and I hope you can accept my apology. And it’s really sincere!” Jaclyn says her apologies mean a lot to her, but in reality she doesn’t buy it at all: “She is over-the-top sometimes, and we can’t really tell what it’s real or what it’s not.” Even her husband Scott Stapp agrees, “Janice has a problem with boundaries.”

Are you Team Janice or Team Jaclyn, or do they both share some of the blame for their fight? Don’t forget to tune if for an all new Couples Therapy next Wednesday at 10/9c!