Bonus Clip: As It Turns Out, Max Lux Has Been Lying To Brandi About His Whereabouts

So where was he when she was blowing up his phone?

Max Lux decided to surprise Brandi on this week’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood with new his-and-hers rings. In this bonus clip, we get to see Max go shopping for the perfect bands.

Of course, Brandi wouldn’t be Brandi is she didn’t call Max nonstop, but the man needs some peace as he tries to choose the perfect ring for her. When he finally picks up his phone, Max lies to Brandi and tells her that he is working at the studio. “Is it an emergency. Do you need something?” Brandi doesn’t buy his excuse and wants to FaceTime with him, so she can see which studio he is at and to make sure he is alone. Little does she know…See, B? All you need is some patience, Max is not always letting the Beckys get the best of him!

But the real question is, how many carats is the ring? Don’t forget to tune in for an all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood next Monday at 8/7c!