You’ll Be Astounded to Realize Why You Actually Judge Moms So Much

And how often mothers judge each other.

Without even realizing it, I would sigh, mutter something under my breath and shake my head at the mom who lets her kids run around in a nice restaurant. This happens more often than I thought, and little did I know, moms judge each other this frequently, and unintentionally, too. A new, eye-opening, emotional Similac ad for #EndMommyWars brings the harsh realities of what goes on in our minds to the surface.

The ad brings moms together, ones who are completely different and have experienced their own challenges in parenthood: from wanting to raise a gender-neutral child, to losing a baby 10 weeks in, to single moms working to stay afloat, experiencing difficulties breastfeeding, and having two under two. What’s crazy is that these women, who are moms and had these problems, still admitted to judging each other.

We’re in a world where, slowly but surely, acceptance is preached more than not. We’re learning to understand people from different walks of life, but why are moms an exception? Because they’re so prevalent in our society? It still doesn’t make it OK to judge and assume we know their story or situation, because we don’t. The judging needs to end here.

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