We’ve Rounded Up The Most Cringe-Worthy Musician Interviews Ever—Can You Sit Through Them?

The art of having no chill.

Interviews with musicians can go one of two ways. Most of the time, the interviewer simply asks the artists about their work, their public persona, their private life, and the session ends cordially. But sometimes pop culture magic takes over and our favorite celebrity loses all sense of chill, going off on unsuspecting reporters. Thankfully, most of these moments are captured on video, offered up for our entertainment, and sometimes catharsis.

For your viewing pleasure, check out our favorite musician interviews involving no chill.

  • Kanye West, Sway in the Morning (2013)

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    Is it even possible to discuss angry interviews without invoking Kanye? Known to many as the most rant-prone interviewee, the artist goes zero to one one hundred when discussing his fashion industry failures with Sway.

  • Kanye West, The Today Show (2010)

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    Kanye seems visibly annoyed from the start of his sit-down with Matt Lauer, but voices his frustration when Lauer brings up his comments about George Bush and Hurricane Katrina.

  • Major Lazer, Lollapalooza (2013)

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    The shade is real: during an iHeartRadio interview at Lollapalooza, EDM trio Major Lazer fields ridiculous questions from an obviously irritating interviewer. The best moment comes after they’re asked: “Who’s the most annoying person you’ve worked with?” Diplo’s answer? “Probably you.”

  • Chris Brown, Good Morning America (2011)

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    Though not captured fully on television, Brown went off after Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts asked him about the repercussions of his legal troubles. Post-segment, the artist went on a rampage in the GMA studios, smashing a window before storming out shirtless.

  • Justin Bieber, Mojo in the Morning (2012)

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    In the thick of his legal troubles, Bieber called in for an interview with Detroit’s Mojo in the Morning show. After the hosts attempt to delve into his hooligan ways, Bieber simply hangs up on the confused hosts.

  • Taylor Swift, Grammy’s Red Carpet (2015)

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    The 2015 Grammy’s red carpet was going pretty well for Taylor- a beautiful dress, girl squad out in force- until Entertainment Tonight reporter Nancy O’Dell insinuates that Swift will be taking home some male companions, along with a coveted statue. The resulting death stare is much more legendary than any Resting Bitch Face.

  • Nick Cave, Lollapalooza (1994)

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    In this classic early MTV clip, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan questions Nick Cave at 1994’s Lollapalooza. Cave isn’t into it when it becomes apparent that the questions asked are incredibly generic.

  • Bee Gees, Clive Anderson All Talk (1997)

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    The chemistry was visibly off when The Bee Gees appeared on “Clive Anderson All Talk” in 1997; the host pokes fun at the band’s sound and fashions throughout the interview. Barry, the eldest Gibb, eventually walks out on the interview, closely followed by his two brothers. Anderson’s attempt to salvage the segment as they walk off makes for a painfully awkward TV moment.

  • Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed, The Joy Behar Show (2011)

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    Kiss frontman Gene Simmons appeared on The Joy Behar Show to promote his A&E reality show Family Jewels in 2001. His longtime partner Shannon Tweed becomes irate with the singer when the subject turns to his continual infidelity, culminating in her walking off the set. Awkwardness factor here rises as Tweed does not initially leave the set, but instead mingles around in the background, still yelling at her other half.

  • Vanilla Ice, The Lame 25 (1999)

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    This glorious moment comes to us from MTV’s The Lame 25, a special counting down the 25 worst music videos of all time. Vanilla Ice was invited on to smash his eponymous record “Ice Ice Baby,” but sets about destroying the set when handed a baseball bat.