Nas Says She’s Not Pregnant but Soulja Was Her Boyfriend for Two Years Before Nia

"What people come to realize is that before the show, Dre and I were together. I was living with him."

The addition of Nas on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has made for one of the most infamous love triangles in the franchise’s history.

VH1 chatted with Nas about the real timeline of her on-again, off-again relationship with Soulja Boy; if a pregnancy made her vomit on camera, and whether or not she threw that puke at Nikki Mudarris.

What transpired that day between you and Miss Nikki Baby?
Nastassia Smith: I didn’t know that Nikki and I had an issue one and when I met her, she was really nice to me [off camera,] she was nice to me on camera. She wasn’t mean, she always gave me compliments, and everything. When she came into the store, it wasn’t even an argument at first. She was just like, I’m friends with Nia and I respect her blah, blah, blah. That’s fine, you can have your relationship with Nia, no problem, it is not that big of a deal to me like I’m not that type of person. Then she started to go like, “Oh, I just don’t respect you,” and like, “I don’t think that you respect yourself.” Now it went to a whole different situation, don’t come to my event to disrespect me. I’m not going to come to your s— and disrespect you. I just felt like, she didn’t know the whole story and she just came in prejudging and she just wanted to pick a fight.

That day, I wasn’t feeling good, sometimes I’m sick, I don’t if it’s the cameras or what, but I get sick, and during the confrontation, we were arguing and I felt like I was going to throw up and I thought it was not gonna come out, I thought I could hold it or whatever, but I guess because I was holding it so much, it just was like, no bitch, “Whoa!” I tried not to throw up on her, I tried to hold it and turn the opposite way, but it was over. It was over at that point and she just kept antagonizing me when I was throwing up. [I felt like,] “You see that I’m down right now and you still want to attack me?” and I had a cup in my hand and I was mad. At that point I was very angry because, at the end of the day, I am a person and you want to kick me while I was like super down? And I have no problem with you? So it’s just like, “Come on girl, really?” So, she got a drink on her face!

I had to watch that moment a few times back to see if you were throwing your puke at her or a drink.
I’ve been getting attacked like crazy because everyone thinks that I threw my vomit at her. I was like, “I have some type of home training! I’m not gonna throw my throw up at her!” That’s disgusting. And that would be a lot, my hands are small too and it wouldn’t go that far if I tried to throw it at her, it wouldn’t have reached. So it was the cup thatI was holding it when I was throwing up and I didn’t put it down, and she was just like, “Are you throwing up? You’re disgusting, blah, blah, blah!” and I just turned around and shoved that drink at her. [The show] didn’t show the part when I hit her in the face, I think they should have. [Laughs]

Viewers have speculated because you threw up that you were pregnant. Any truth to that?
No, I am not pregnant. That would be pretty screwed up. I’m not pregnant. I’m not holding a little Soulja Boy, no. [Laughs]

Nikki had said in a bonus clip that she didn’t want to get in between Teairra and Princess’s drama. Why do you think she sees you and Nia’s situation differently?
I just felt like I’m the new person and everybody just wants to attack me. I’m such a nice person and the show doesn’t really broadcast that because I really don’t have any friends on the show. [The cast] doesn’t even give me the opportunity to show them what type of person I am. I’m a very good person and when it comes down to Nia, you don’t even know her that well. So, for Nikki to even stay here and try to defend somebody you barely even know over me, like you don’t know me! You should mind your business, especially on this relationship. You definitely was in the same exact situation last season, do you hear what I’m saying? And Dre was my boyfriend for two years, what people come to realize is that before the show, Dre and I were together. I was living with him.

Everybody came on the show feeling he was Nia’s boyfriend, and I’m just like, “No, that was my boyfriend.” She was the one that didn’t tell me, while she and I were friends that she was dating him. The whole story just got so switched, so it’s looks like I’m just some crazy girl or the girl who’s trying to take her friends’ man and that’s not even the case, the whole story is reversed. They were on the show together last season, before me, so it makes it look like it’s one way when it’s not.
I don’t know what it is but Nikki should have no issue with me and specially talking about this situation, like she was still with Mally Mall while he was still having the situation with Masika. You still wanted to mess with your man because you feel like that was your man. So at the end of the day, I felt like Dre was my boyfriend and if I wanted to talk to him, when he calls my phone, I’m allowed to and nobody could tell me that I can’t.

Okay, so you just said Dre was your boyfriend for two years before he started doing the show with Nia. What’s the timeline for you and Dre?
I met Nia during college, we did this promo stuff with different companies and we became friends. When I met her, I didn’t know who her dad was but Nia and I just became really, really cool. Like when her parents were leaving and they moved to LA and she had nowhere to live I moved her into my house with me and my mom until I went back to school. During this time, she was talking to Dre and we all had met at the same time. Dre and I were just friends and they were having whatever they were doing. It didn’t last long, like a month or two. Dre and I continued to be friends, me and Nia continued to be friends. Then, Nia decided that she wanted to sleep with a guy that I was talking to, everybody knew about it, but me so we had a falling out. [When I had a falling out with Nia,] Dre were still friends, hang out or whatever, nothing more. I never looked at him that way.

A year later, I forgave Nia for sleeping with that first guy, and we became friends again. Then, she did it again, with another guy, and this time she got his name tattooed on her waist. At that time, I was like, “OK, b—h, f— you, every time I befriend you again, you go and sleep with somebody I’m dealing with, like you could at least not be friends with me. Meanwhile, Dre came into town, back to Atlanta, after he was touring or whatever and he hit me up. This time it was a little different than normal because it was just me and him. He wanted to hook up and I was like, “Look, dude, at the end of the day, I’ve never looked at you like that because of Nia, but Nia isn’t in my life anymore and if you want to take it to a whole another level, we can, but I need to know that you don’t talk to her. Since that day forward. I never ever had to worry about Nia, until the last year.

A couple of years ago, he moved to LA, then I moved to LA and we kind of picked up where we left off. I was living with him pretty much when I moved down there because I had literally just come out here. And I decided to move. I kinda didn’t have anywhere to stay at first and I was with him so I lived with him. Not the house that he was in now, but the house before that, that was supposed to be our house. It was deep! [Dre] is the type of person who wants you around all the time but there was a lot of bullshit that we had to go through. The same thing that Nia is going through right now with girls. He is on three different networks with three different b—hes. Nia, how can you say how can you be mad at me? Like you should be at the guy you’re dealing with me, not me. You’re just mad because of the shit that I’d done for you and you just feel bad. I was a very good friend to Nia, I watched her baby. She was living under my roof, I’m pretty much her father. She should get me a Father’s Day gift. I took care of her and I know who she is before this whole Soulja Boy and Love & Hip Hop s—. Nia wasn’t popular back in the day. I made her like that. The way she is treats me now, it make it seem like “Oh, this girl, I don’t even know who she is! We were friends at one point!” but she owes a lot to me and you don’t want to give my credit. Well guess what b—h, now I’m on the same show that you are on and you are getting embarrassed, but so am I. I don’t even know. I’m looking embarrassed too. I’m looking like some side bitch who is trying to breakup my ex-friends’ relationship and that’s not the case.

When they started filming Love & Hip Hop together and letting cameras into their relationship, what did you think? Where were you and Dre at that point?
Two years ago, Dre and I had a falling out and it was on my birthday. At the time, I was like, “I’m done, I’m completely finished!” and I sent him the worst text messages to not hit me up anymore because he is the type of person that if he does something wrong, he’ll make you feel like it’s your fault. He likes switch it and that’s just his defense mechanism to make you feel like “Did I do something wrong? Is it really me?” when it’s really him. He just doesn’t wanna man up to doing whatever he is doing. So, I broke up with him around my birthday.

Meanwhile, Nia and I had a mutual friend from Atlanta who was coming out here for my birthday, so we were commenting on pictures on Instagram, talking about my birthday plans, and Nia was talking to her, so I was like, “Girl, if you wanna come, you should come too.” I hadn’t talked to her in like four years when I told her this. At this time, when I did that, I knew I was completely done with Dre. I didn’t even care if me and Nia were friends anymore like, it is what it is, it’s been years, this girl has a baby now. I’m thinking like she grew up and things change. [I thought] she got better because I always give people the benefit of the doubt because I try to better myself. I try to give people the same, respect that I’d want somebody to give to me. So, I’m like, “You can come, girl!” and the b—h came, of course, I even paid for the b—h parking! She owes me $20! [Laughs] I’m being nice, we took pictures, the whole weekend, she was hitting my phone, we hung out, we went shopping one day, she brought her baby, we were just having fun like the old times. We laughed about it and put everything behind us.

I ended up getting into a situation where I got pregnant. After that, Nia and I became really, really good friends. [I was] pregnant by this guy that I was talking to and I lost my baby. Nia was one of the only people that I talked because she had a kid and I trusted her. Dumb stupid me, trusting a b—h that cheated on me numerous times. I was watching her baby, I was like if you wanna go out [I can babysit] and she was like, “Yeah, I need to get turnt up” and I was like, “Whatever, I’m not going out, I can’t do much, I’m pregnant.” I was there for her birthday party, blowing up balloons, just being a friend. My heart was on my sleeve like, “Do you need me bitch? I got you. Then she just decided to sleep with my ex-boyfriend that I was dating not even a year ago, like literally four five six months ago [around my birthday.] Like that was literally my man and you decide that you wanted to f— with him and didn’t tell me. While I’m watching your baby! And now you’re on a television show with this guy and you’re still like talking to me like nothing has happened?! I didn’t know about the show until it came out and I didn’t know that she was dating him until I ran into them in the club and she just looked at me and didn’t say anything to me and I had just talked to this bitch three days before that.

The question for a lot of people is, why are you mad at each other? You’re both clearly being told different things by Soulja Boy, so why not be mad at him?
I’m not mad. Okay, I am mad at Nia but not because of Dre. I’m mad at Nia because of all the past s— that she has done, and then this is the third time she’s done the same exact thing. Instead of being a woman to come to me and say, “I’m sorry,” but she hasn’t done that, so it doesn’t have nothing necessarily to do with Dre. The whole Dre situation, I always loved him, but f— him. Like, f— him. I’m not chasing after Dre and that’s what is making it seem like “Oh, I’m so like, I’m okay with it,” No! I’m not okay with it. I told him to stop hitting my phone. If you are f—ing with Nia, go f— with Nia. But he has my phone and he is hitting me up like “Oh, I wanna be with you! I love you, this is never going to end.” Of course I would rather sit there and prove to you that this n—a’s not shit and I was a good friend to you bitch and you f—ed up somebody that actually cared about you. He doesn’t care about you. Like I actually gave a f— about you like I put all that shit behind that to be a better friend to you and you s— on me.

It’s the same thing with him, “All these b—hes don’t give a f— about you, and you’re sitting here portraying all this other stuff.” All his friends talk about him. The whole cast talk shit about him. I’m the only one that actually gave a s—. When he was broke, when he didn’t have anything, I was the one that was there. At the end of the day, it looks like I’m chasing after him. No, I don’t have Dre’s phone number, Dre hits me and I wanna make that clear. He hits me up and that’s the reason why our relationship is continuous because I’m bored and I still love him. That’s not my boyfriend; I’m not trying to be in a relationship with himbecause he’s not a good boyfriend. Do you think I broke up with him because he’s a good boyfriend? [Laughs] No, I broke up with him because I know he is not a good boyfriend but I can’t help who I love and I’m not saying I still wanna be with him, but if I want to play with my ex? Who said that I can’t? I decide I’m doing whatever I am doing. I’m not looking at Drew for something serious. I was and now I know what it is and he is never gonna be serious anytime soon with anybody and that’s the reason why I left him.

Have you spoken to him recently?
I talked to him a couple of a couple days ago actually. It wasn’t a good talk, like it kinda was, but it kind of was just like me seeing some episodes and seeing things that he said and me being mad because I was just like I’d never disrespect you like that. Outside of the show, our relationship was totally different. Like don’t disrespect me, give me the status that I deserve and don’t disrespect me. I’m still okay with you being with Nia, I don’t have a problem with them being together and that’s what people don’t know, they still think that I’m trying to f— them up, and it’s just like no, Dre is not a good boyfriend! I would never, ever, ever, ever want to switch places with her right now. The day after me and Nia got into this fight, all the three of us, like literally like he texted me the next day and he told me that he loves me. What type of boyfriend does that? Why would you want that to be your boyfriend? I don’t want him as my boyfriend. I don’t. I don’t want him as my boyfriend, but he could be somebody that I still care about. He’s not a good boyfriend. He is terrible. He is so bad. Maybe in a few years he will be better, but he is not a good boyfriend, so I don’t want that and she needs to realize, b—h like, at the end of the day I don’t like you so you deserve all this shit that he is doing to you because I don’t like you. But at the end of the day, you have a daughter. I don’t have a daughter, I don’t have any kids. You have somebody that is f—ing with you right now, b—h, and it’s not a good example. That’s not a way that she you should want to teach your daughter. And that’s what she’s going to learn like that that’s okay because you’re going through it and you’re showing her that it’s okay to stay with somebody that constantly embarrass you. That’s something that she has to deal with. That’s daddy issues and I can’t do anything about that.

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