Black Ink Crew: Chicago‘s Phor is a Rock Star, Both On Stage and in the Tattoo Shop

"Music is my life, tattooing is my business."

“By day, he’s this calm, cool, you know, humble tattoo artist, and then the second he gets on stage you’re like, ’who are you??'” That’s Black Ink Crew: Chicago’s Danielle, describing her co-star, Phor, who’s one of the tattoo artists at 9Mag. Phor’s a musician above all else, and tattooing is his day job, it just so happens that he’s amazing at both and he’s not about to quit the shop any time soon. “My storyline,” he explains, “is me pursuing my dream…I’m just trying to be heard.” Check out Phor on tonight’s big premiere of Black Ink Crew: Chicago, at 9/8c.