“This Ish Right Here? This is Better Than Lifetime!”: Amber Looks Back On Her Drama With Miles On This Week’s Check Yourself

"That s---t was like a Lifetime movie."

It’s been a journey for Amber to finally be at peace with Miles’s sexuality. Now that she’s had a little distance, she’s ready to crack jokes about the situation. When she watched this week’s episode back on Check Yourself, she explained “This s—t right here? This is better than Lifetime!” (But Amber, who would play you in the Lifetime Movie version? That’s what we want to know!)

“When I say at first that that s—t was like a Lifetime movie, it was. But the moment he told me he actually was sleeping with Milan? That s—t was crazy!” So it’s not all jokes, and she’s still hurt, but at least she has some perspective now. Watch Check Yourself now for the rest of Amber’s commentary!