Kylie Jenner “Got Attacked,” According to Her Snapchat—But I Have Some Questions

She is so calm. Why is she so calm?

I’m so confused and concerned right now.

Kylie Jenner posted an off-putting, cryptic message on Snapchat yesterday, and I need to make sure she is OK. Kylie, are you OK?

“So, I’m picking up [my assistant] Victoria, ’cause I got attacked,” Kylie said to the camera. “So, I had to get back in the car.”

Attacked?! What do you mean attacked, Ky? Did paparazzi bombard you, so you had to get back into your ride? Did someone physically injure you? Did another crazy fan pull your hair? She seems fine, according to the video, but her extreme words definitely make fans uneasy.

We still don’t know any details about this alleged attack, but I do have some questions. Why is she so calm? Why did she think to send a Snapchat after getting attacked? Wouldn’t she be in distress/dialing 911/crying? Who (or what) is she side-eyeing at the end of the video?

Regardless, I’m glad Kylie is OK, but she needs to give us the dish! Why all the mystery?