Cher Shut Down a Twitter Troll Who Tried to Defend the Spring Valley High Officer With These Five Words

This woman "disserved" it.

Twitter crackerjack Cher has done it again.

Let’s start with some background. As you know by now, Deputy Ben Fields was caught on camera violently arresting a student at South Carolina’s Spring Valley High on Monday. Footage of the arrest, which found Fields dragging the student on the ground and throwing her several feet, circulated on social media that night. Sheriff Leon Lott is expected to announce what will happen to Fields, who is currently on unpaid suspension, today. So where does Cher fit into all of this? Well, she tweeted about the incident.

One of the videos taken at the high school shows the student hitting Fields before he dragged her. This causes some people to think that Fields was justified in the way he handled the situation. Cher is not one of these people.

But one Twitter user named Monicah is one of these people. She responded to Cher with a since-deleted tweet that suggests that the student deserved “disserved” what happened to her: “@cher she disserved it.” This reply sent Cher’s Twitter thumbs into a frenzy, putting Monicah on blast in the following succinct comeback:

Serve that Twitter slay, Cher! Clap back at the haters! Be the witty comeback queen that you are! Continue to use emojis as you see fit! You’re great.

Monicah went on to misspell deserve for the second time. For the record, she has a history of poorly spelled tweets, and is currently considering writing a book.


Any takers?

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