Stephen Curry Buttons Up Like a Toddler and Somehow Makes Himself Cuter

Don't you just want to pinch his cheeks?!

I just fell in love with Stephen Curry even more.

The Golden State Warriors point guard had a little fashion trouble while accepting his championship ring on Tuesday’s opening night. By that, we mean he lost the ability to button his jacket correctly. And it was 100 shades of adorable.

A few fans captured Stephen’s fashion kerfuffle for your viewing pleasure. Look closely and notice how his buttons don’t quite align. Was he in a hurry to get to the ceremony and got sloppy? Did he do this with his eyes closed? Did he let 3-year-old daughter and world renowned empress Riley button his jacket for him? Whatever the case, we’re thankful it happened.

Look how proud he is receiving the championship ring, clearly unaware his jacket looks jank as hell.

Thanking his loyal subjects for sticking by him through every tough game and difficult wardrobe situation.

Stephen’s little harmless mistake just made him the most loved player in the NBA, as if that was ever up for debate. We joke about Riley helping him get ready for this and—you know what?—that’s probably exactly what happened. Wouldn’t it be aggressively precious if Stephen let Riley dress him, and this was the result? Dad of the year. Man of the year. Bae of the year.

We salute you, Stephen, askew championship threads and all.