Caitlyn Jenner Slays in the First Episode of Logo’s New Web Series Beautiful As I Want To Be

Have your tissues ready.

This is awesome.

Logo and trans model/activist Geena Rocero have teamed up for a brand spankin’ new Web series, Beautiful As I Want To Be, which will tells the stories of four transgender people—their struggles, desires and future aspirations. Each person is then paired with a trans mentor who helps him/her/them find more self-acceptance through a photo shoot. Such necessary content right now!

The first episode launched Wednesday morning, and it features none other than Caitlyn Jenner, seen by many as the new face of the transgender movement. And of course she slayed in a fierce red dress.


In the episode, Caitlyn meets 17-year-old Zeam, a trans painter from Minneapolis. Zeam opens up about his gender identity journey, including a painful past that included self-harming. Zeam finds solace in art, and Caitlyn gives him words of encouragement to enter the next phase of his life.

“You were born a person to be who you are,” Caitlyn said. “Everybody’s different, and that’s a good thing…Surround yourself with positive people. Surround yourself with people that love you, that want to lift you up so you can be the best person you possibly can be.”


Caitlyn’s words clearly meant the world to Zeam. He said at the end of the episode, “I think Caitlyn taking that leap of faith [in coming out as trans]—and knowing she’s going to get a lot of flack for it—means she realizes this is bigger than herself. This is bigger than me.”

So many feels. Head over to Logo and watch the first full episode.