Huntress Guitarist Denies Jill Janus’ Announcement That The Band Is Breaking Up, Cites Her Metal Health Issues

"She needs time to fully recover from her hysterectomy and to continue treatment for her mental health issues."

Metal fans were saddened this morning by the news that the band Huntress were apparently calling it quits. The announcement came from frontwoman Jill Janus, who posted a short message to fans on her Facebook page last night. Earlier this year she revealed her battles with not only bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, but also uterine cancer that resulted in a hysterectomy.

In her post, since deleted, Janus said that due to her health concerns she was “packing it up.” She cited a desire to move on and create new music “on my terms,” signing off with a defiant, “F- the meaningless noise and trolls. My way forever. Suck it. Done.”

So, that happened. But then the post was removed, replaced on her page with a conflicting statement from guitarist Blake Meahl. According to him, the reports of a breakup are “unfounded” and the band will resume their touring schedule in December.

“Her bouts with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and disassociative identity disorder have been particularly difficult lately and are ultimately responsible for her unfounded statement last night,” he wrote in the statement. We’re sending positive vibes to Janus for a safe journey to a healthy place, and warm wishes to the entire Huntress family.

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