Rick Ross Remixed Adele’s “Hello” Because He Loves It As Much As You Do

Renzel Remix giving you all of the feels.

Rick Ross is as obsessed with Adele’s “Hello” single as you are.

Adele surprised us with the video for “Hello” last week, and to be honest, it was a major reality check. We need to stay ready for 25, people. Go to CVS, stock up on tissues, maybe get some fragrant candles, and plan to be MIA the weekend that the album drops in order to give yourself some time to recover. Keep in mind that, until 25 is officially out, anything can happen – including a Renzel Remix of “Hello.”

Like, actually. Rick Ross dropped a “Hello” remix early this morning. Did I mention that we need to stay ready?

Rick Rozay’s remix is contemplative and emotional. This is Adele’s affect on the world. Literally no one is immune to this.

“Tears fall all the way to the south of France / Poverty line hang lower than my pants / Invited to the Grammys but I feel so out of place,” Rick raps. All supporting instrumentals cut out for his verse, except for the beautiful, pained piano melody. The juxtaposition of these two is stunning. Just when you thought that the song couldn’t take you deeper into your feelings, Rick Ross unexpectedly takes you there. My best advice to you is to just let it happen. Embrace the Rozay.

Embedded from www.audiomack.com.