Swab Stories Sneak Peek: He Loves Her Like A Daughter…But Is She Really His?

Just because he danced with her the night of her wedding doesn't mean he's her dad!

All Sarie wants to know is if the man who she danced with at her wedding is her father after all. Terry was stationed in Germany the same time as Sarie’s mom and the two started off as friends, but ended up growing a little closer than that. Before Sarie turned 21, she found out that Terry may be her biological father. While he never knew her mother was even pregnant, he took on his assumed role with open arms…literally. Watch Sarie describe how meeting for the first time was “one of the best hugs [she’s] ever had.” Even if the evidence says Terry isn’t her father, he seems like a guy worth keeping around.

Is Terry Sarie’s biological father, or a former soldier with a huge heart? You’ll have to tune in to Swab Stories Wednesday at 9/8c.

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