Kat Doesn’t Take Phor Seriously Enough, But He’s Okay With That: “If I’m Single, I’m Gonna Mingle!”

And Kat is pissed because he acts like she doesn't exist...

At a party to celebrate 9Mag’s one-year anniversary, Kat and Phor have their first misunderstanding.

In a Black Ink Crew: Chicago bonus clip, Kat is looking for Phor, but he’s too busy mingling. Kat is frustrated that he’s acting like she doesn’t exist, even though he just promised he wanted to take her to the next level! When they finally see each other, Phor thinks Kat is the one who doesn’t know how to take things seriously, “I see you are doing your own thing, too!”

See how the pair’s ongoing flirtation plays out on a brand new episode of Black Ink Crew: Chicago next Monday at 9/8c!