These #ZolaStory Memes Will Make You Feel Like You Were in Florida with the Queen Herself

This needs to be a movie.

The Internet is still collectively freaking out over Aziah King/@_zolarmoon/Zola’s epic 150-tweet story about her spontaneous trip to Florida with a fellow dancer and her pimp that is chock-full of attempted suicide, MURDER and busts. It’s a tale that requires a comfy seat and bucket of popcorn to be truly enjoyed. Once you start it, there’s no stopping until the end. Be warned.

We pulled the best lines from Zola’s magnum opus earlier this week, but the Web has since transformed her masterpiece into several life-giving, shareable memes. It was only a matter of time, really.

Some baes posted simple reaction photos while others got crafty and dished their dream casts if Zola’s Pulitzer-worthy story were to hit the big screen. And there’s plenty more where these came from. Take a gander at them, and share your favorite memes in the comments below!