It’s Shocking How Much Diddy Has In Common With The Church Of Scientology

We're not saying he's a member, but we don't want to cross EITHER of them!

-By A Scared AF VH1 Writer That Wants No Problems

Diddy is mega powerful. That’s a given. Everyone knows that he has a ridiculous level of influence and an iron grip on his crew. Guess what other entity also does? The Church of Scientology!

Wait, what? we hear you say. There are a lot of powerful things in the world besides Diddy and Scientology. Why only compare these two?

Good question, class. We’ve uncovered some extreme similarities that will make you see exactly where we’re coming from. The commonalities are scary accurate. Take a look below.

  1. A Strong Belief In The Power Of Self

    According to, Scientologists believe that “man is an immortal, his experience extends well beyond a single lifetime, and his capabilities are unlimited, even if not presently realized.” If you look at Puff’s whole life, you can see he follows this same credo. The mogul stays winning in every business aspect and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The fact that he’s achieved so much–and will continue to do so–shows that he believes in no limits. He’s crammed enough experience to last multiple lifetimes!

  2. Their Legions Of Loyal Followers

    The church says that it has over 10 million followers worldwide. Diddy has over 10 millions fans on Twitter. Their influence brings all their devotees to the yard.

  3. The Crew They Roll With

    The roll-call for Scientologist A-Listers is extremely long. You gotta know the big ones: Tom Cruise, Elisabeth Moss, Juliette Lewis and John Travolta. Puff has his A-list friends that he chills with on the regular too. From Jay Z, Beyonce, Nas, Chris Brown, Kanye West and countless more, Puff’s friends are the creme da la creme of the music industry.

  4. They’re On A BOAT!

    The church has its own ship called MV Freewinds. This mega yacht is a whopping 440 ft long and caters to Scientologists of the highest level, OT VIII. It’s been a luxurious, religious retreat since 1988. “To a Scientologist, coming to the Freewinds for New OT VIII is the pinnacle of a deeply spiritual journey,” says the ship’s website (yes, it has a site). “Years of training and auditing have brought him to this ultimate point.” On the boat, OT VIII status followers can spend time with like-minded followers and join together on achieving their spiritual peak.

    Puff, on the other hand, has a yacht fit for a king. Dubbed Oasis, it’s nearly 195 ft long. This ship only set Puff back a mere $72 million when he reportedly bought it from Eric Smidt, Google’s executive chairman. No biggie. The insane boat even has a $1700 AquaGlide and nightclub on board. Puff stunts so hard.

  5. They Toss Serious Shade At Staffers

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    There are rumors that the current leader of the church, David Miscavige, often humiliates members of his staff. Examples of this come from former followers who described a place of confinement and humiliation known as “The Hole.” Though the church described it as a place of discipline, previous staffers said it was more like a place for abuse.

    Puff has also been accused of not being the nicest person to his staff. From rumors of him cursing out employees to throwing food across the room, this guy definitely fits the bill. The video above should illustrate our point.

  6. If You Come For Them, They Will Come Right Back

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    Anybody that insults the church will provoke a merciless war. Take Anderson Cooper, for example. After he did a week-long investigation of the church called Scientology: A History of Violence, the church retaliated with a 95-page anti-Anderson magazine. The mission of the publication was to completely destroy the journalist’s reputation and career.

    And then there are the “Squirrel Busters”, a crack team of Scientologists equipped with cameras on their hats in order to question former devotees. Marty Rathbun, a former high-ranking church member, has admitted that a gang men stalked him after he left the church to practice on his own. When Marty asked them how long they were going to bother him, they replied, “As long as it takes.” More recently, former Scientologist Leah Remini has faced a brutal backlash after speaking on her negative experience as a part of the church. Leah admits in her tell-all, Troublemaker, that when she appeared on Dancing With The Stars in 2013, her partner Tony Dovolani, was followed by a mysterious car for two weeks. She believes church officials were the ones responsible.

    Puff is no different. OK, maybe a little less intense—but just a little! Just ask Drake and his son’s football coach, both of whom caught fades when they messed with him and his family.

  7. It Co$t$ To Be A Part Of Their Crew

    There are eight levels in Scientology– and it can cost over $100,000 just to be admitted into the third level, OT III. It costs a pretty penny to hang with Diddy too. If you want to go to one of his infamous Grammy after parties, you better be ready to shell out $50,000 for just one ticket.

  8. They’re Big On Their Freedom

    Scientology’s main practice is structured by what they call “The Bridge of Freedom,” or the process of progressing from one level to the next. Advancing through “The Bridge,” or levels, can take years of devotion until they reach the highest level of being “clear.” Diddy has always been an advocate of one’s freedom, as well. Whether encouraging students to “vote or die” or by founding Revolt TV so that recording artists could have more power over their music—Puff is always on the job.

  9. Your Devotion To Them Must Not Waver

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    The church has absolutely no tolerance for people that are against their teachings. Look at Katie Holmes, was also reportedly followed after she divorced Tom Cruise and left the church in 2012. Even current church members are held to an impossibly high standard, as in the case of Shelly Miscavige, David Miscavige’s wife. Shelly hasn’t been seen in public in almost a decade, and there are reports that she’s been in exile, possibly for going against the church in some way.

    Puff will also snap at anyone he feels isn’t down with his team. You can hear this in his rant on Rick Ross’ “Nobody” single, cursing out a colleague rumored to be former Bad Boy-signee King Los. The first part of the rant is in the beginning of the track, the second part starts at the 3:10 mark and the last part is at the very end.