Moniece Accused Shanda of Selling the Goodies and Shanda Is Dragging Her On Instagram

"See you you should work on being a mother before coming with the bull and you and your dusty ass pony tail."

It’s never a quiet day on Instagram with Moniece Slaughter. The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood starlet posted a now deleted post allegedly accusing cast mate Shanda Taylor of “selling the p—y” and, well, Shanda is not here for it. Mrs. Willie Taylor took to Instagram to clarify what’s what.
“Moniece Moniece weak ass Moniece don’t tag me in a post and delete it coward bitch!!!! See me I’m a strong woman that takes care of hers “by any means” 2. I have a husband who knows what’s up oh and 3 my relationship with my mom is great! See you you should work on being a Mother before coming with the bull and you and ur dusty ass pony tail gone get f—ed up f—ing with the wrong b—h!!! Selling p—y? b—h u crazy NEVER that. I can count on 1 hand on how many that even had a taste after 30 years of living!!! you mad you mad and you can’t help it !!!!! I’m not deleting mine coward b—h bye Bish bye”

If that wasn’t enough, Willie came to defend his wife, as well.
Sheesh! What do you think of these two beefing?