Female Artists You’re Not Listening To Who Are About To Blow

Need new music? These on-the-rise female artists have the cure for what ails you.

Finding new music is a constant struggle. You’d think it would be easy in 2015, what with endless outlets and music curating sites literally handing you track upon track and album upon album to listen to. So why does it sometimes feel like there’s nothing you want to hear?

Music overload is real. It’s the equivalent to saying you’re hungry when you have a fridge full of food because there’s nothing in there that you want to eat and you’re too lazy to cook. First world problems, I know, but just because there’s new music out there doesn’t mean you want to hear it all and/or spend the time and energy sifting through it to find the gold. So, we did it for you.

The following are female artists who you’re missing out on because you probably hung a left somewhere along your journey for new music and ended up watching Ariana say “C’mon hunty” about a hundred times. I get it. The Internet is a dark, deep hole, which is why we’re digging you out and helping you get back on track to quench your thirsty ears. Look no further than artists like Alessia Cara, Kehlani, Meg Mac and Andra Day. They have the cure for what ails you.

  • Hailee Steinfeld

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    HAIZ: November 13, 2015

    Academy Award-winning actress Hailee Steinfeld is best known for her chops on the big screen (Pitch Perfect 2, True Grit), but she’s quickly establishing herself as a singer. Hailee released her anthemic single “Love Myself” this summer and she also sings on the track “Flashlight” from Pitch Perfect 2’s soundtrack. Hailee rolls with Taylor Swift and company, and starred in the video for “Bad Blood.” Her debut EP HAIZ is expected out next week.

  • Tink

    Chicago native Tink is one to watch. She can rap as well as she can sing and has garnered comparisons to Aaliyah—something most likely sparked by her working relationship with Timbaland and his claim that Aaliyah told him Tink is “the one” in a dream. Tink is forging her own path, though. She released her Winter’s Diary 3 mixtape in July and is working on her debut LP, Think Tink, now. Hear her freestyle in the clip above and check out the video for her Aaliyah tribute, “Million,” here.

  • Alessia Cara

    Know It All: November 13, 2015

    Canadian sweetheart Alessia Cara, 19, broke into the Billboard Hot 100 this year with her assertive single “Here.” She made her live performance debut at the 2015 Streamy Awards (watch her performance above) and also performed the hit at the Tidal X 1020 concert last month. Her voice has captured the attention of many, including fellow Canadian Drake and pop megastar Taylor Swift, who invited Alessia to perform “Here” with her on her 1989 World Tour. Alessia, signed to Def Jam, recently released her Four Pink Walls EP. Her full-length debut is expected out on November 13.

  • Meg Mac

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    Sydney-based singer-songwriter Meg Mac infuses dark, moody melodies (“Grandma’s Hands”) with soulful vocals (“Known Better”) that boast a wide range. Meg dropped her self-titled EP this year and also went on tour with Clean Bandit. She’s currently signed to 300 Entertainment, as well as Australian label littleBIGMAN.

  • Lady Leshurr

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    Melesha O’Garro, a.k.a. Lady Leshurr, is a multi-talented artist from England. She’s featured on the track “Wonky” from electronic duo Orbital’s 2012 album of the same name. Her 2015 song “Queen’s Speech Ep. 4” was featured in a Samsung Mobile commercial. Lady Leshurr is currently performing on her MadTing Tour.

  • Christine and the Queens

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    Christine And The Queens: October 16, 2015

    Héloïse Létissier, a.k.a. Christine and the Queens, hails from Nantes, France. Drawing inspiration from Michael Jackson, David Bowie, and drag queens (hence the Queens in her stage name), Christine combines ghostly melodies with stunning visuals, and infuses them with her French heritage. Another choice song with gorgeous visuals is “Paradis Perdus,” an ode of sorts to Kanye’s “Heartless.”

  • V Bozeman

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    V Bozeman was the hook that convinced many Empire-curious fans to keep watching. Hers is one of the first faces you see in the show’s pilot and her voice is like no other. V dropped off of the first season of Empire, though she appears again on the second. Timbaland’s camp is currently producing her album, which is expected out soon.

  • Kehlani

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    You Should Be Here: April 28, 2015

    If you haven’t already heard a Kehlani song, you’re missing out. The R&B singer made waves earlier this year with songs “The Way” featuring Chance the Rapper and “Down For You” featuring BJ the Chicago Kid. Lani Tsunami quickly gained momentum with the release of her You Should Be Here mixtape, which Jay Z gave some love to on his “F-ck the Summer Up” Tidal playlist. Check out Kehlani’s LP and hear her stunning cover of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” with Charlie Puth here.

  • Justine Skye

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    Emotionally Unavailable: June 23, 2015

    Justine Skye, a member of Kylie Jenner’s growing crew, dropped her Emotionally Unavailable album this summer. The Brooklyn singer, who calls herself a purple unicorn, performed her standout track “I’m Yours” featuring Vic Mensa at the Tidal X 1020 concert last month.

  • Pia Mia

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    Princess Pia Mia’s breakout single “Do It Again” featuring Tyga and Chris Brown enjoyed some chart success on the Hot 100 this summer. The Guam native is best known for her celestial covers of Drake and Fetty Wap songs, and is also besties with Kylie Jenner. Pia is expected to release her debut album soon.

  • Bre-Z

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    Bre-Z might just be the one to restore Philadelphia’s good name to those who still aren’t over the Meek Mill debacle. You might recognize the rapper from Empire. She plays Freda, a female emcee who made a name in her hometown of Brooklyn via battle rap. Freda is Bre-Z’s first TV role, which she landed by chance after a friend passed along her name to someone on Empire’s team. It was fate, as Bre-Z now plays one of the most intriguing characters on the show this season.

  • Andra Day

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    Cheers to the Fall: August 28, 2015

    Retro-soul singer Andra Day first captured the interest of Kai Millard Morris, Stevie Wonder’s second wife, while singing at a store opening. The connection led to others, and eventually, Andra landed a deal with Warner Bros. Andra dropped her debut LP, a send-off into the fall season, in August. In Cheers to the Fall, her overflowing voice gets its moment to truly shine.

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