Essena O’Neill Pulls the Social Media Curtain For Her 860K+ Instagram Followers

You need to watch this.

By Celeste Durve

Eighteen-year-old Essena Oneil from Australia is gaining rapid fire after taking a big stand against social media. With more than 860,000 Instagram followers, 260,000 YouTube subscribers and 60,000 friends on Snapchat, her recent sound bite “Social Media Is Not Real Life” went viral.

According to the model, she was fed up portraying a fake image over social media, and she finally decided had enough. Not only did she delete all her followers and rename her account, she also edited every single caption of her old photos to tell the real story behind them.

If you looked at Essena’s account previously, you found a pretty typical page for an “Instagram model,” including beautiful selfies, candids with pretty backdrops, bikini photos, brand promotions and (of course) #fitspo photos.

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