Bonus Clip: Nikki Is Not Here for Teairra’s Surgery, Weeks Away from Their Fashion Show

"This is like our first real project together, I just want it to be perfect."

Teairra Mari went under the knife on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood to get a more svelte figure, but not everyone is thrilled about this decision. In a bonus clip, Miss Nikki Baby finds out that TeTe is going to get some lipo a mere six weeks out from their combo runway show. Nikki’s not judgmental of her friend’s decision but she’s concerned because this is their first collaboration, and, well, she wants it to be perfect. Teairra promises Nikki that she won’t let her down but with the way she’s been recovering, do we think she lied?

How do you think the runway show will turn out? Find out on an all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Monday at 8/7c!